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Cultivating Community and Connection at Living Shangri-La

Living Shangri-La, soaring as Vancouver's architectural jewel and one of the tallest buildings in BC at 1111 Alberni Street, embarked on a transformative journey when it partnered with Tribe Management in late 2023. 

The community faced communication and management challenges that needed a change. The Strata Council didn't just want to provide a place to live; they wanted to build a lively and happy community. They committed themselves to solving these problems.

Continue reading to explore how Tribe's partnership has initiated positive changes in community engagement and management processes at Living Shangri-La. This case study delves into the early stages of this evolving journey, highlighting the initial steps taken to enhance the Living Shangri-La experience.


The Living Shangri-La Essence 

Living Shangri-La (BCS3165) isn’t just a residence but an iconic establishment in Vancouver's West End. Since 2008 it has dominated Vancouver's skyline with 234 units with premium amenities like an outdoor pool, the Chi Spa, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Its prime location in Vancouver’s business core gives Residents unrivalled access to commerce, culture, and recreation. 

In addition to the Shangri-a Vancouver hotel, which includes commercial, and retail units, the single tower includes a second Strata Corporation — Shangri-La Estates. This reality prompted the Strata Council to partner with a Property Management team not only experienced in managing this type of mixed-use strata but also adaptable to the one-of-a-kind issues inherent to it. Tribe has proudly managed Shangri-La Estates since 2018. 

Addressing Challenges and Community Needs 

When Living Shangri-La approached Tribe, their Council was in search of greater transparency, and purposeful communication, especially during emergencies. The council shared that residents were also looking for an engaged management company, able to answer their questions and respond to their concerns.  

Council Meetings frequently echoed the concerns of Residents, showing that the Community's issues weren't receiving proper attention. The increasing need for a more dynamic and accessible governance approach became clear. 

Living Shangri-La Vancouver 

Living Shangri-La at 1111 Alberni Street.

Choosing Tribe  

Tribe's reputation for innovation, particularly its technology-enabled services and understanding of the Shangri-La's unique structure by already managing Shangri-La Estates, was key in the Council's decision. 

Tribe sets itself apart from other property management companies with its transparent leadership structure. Unlike many other firms where it's rare to have direct contact with senior leaders, at Tribe, clients can engage not just with their property manager, but also directly with the decision-makers. Instead, they have access to an extensive team, including several managers who each report to a Regional Director (RD). 

This organizational setup uniquely positions clients to directly engage with decision-makers like the RDs, significantly enhancing transparency and ensuring a more responsive management experience 

In the words of the Council: 

“Every meeting we have had with Tribe was 100% professional. You not only hire skilled talent but also seem to have a company of employees who are kind and really care. The collaboration and support model discussed with Pam was something we were looking for, it aligned with the Council’s values.” 

The opportunity to work with a team that prioritized their best interests, not just those of Tribe Management, impressed the Council. This structure, often concealed in other companies, was a clear differentiator for Tribe, underlining their commitment to a closer, more involved community - not just better management. 

Tribe’s Transition and Onboarding Process 

Council members actively expressed glowing remarks about their experiences with the meticulous and streamlined onboarding process. The team warmly welcomed new members with personal introductions, immediately fostering a sense of inclusion. 

“I finally feel like part of a team and feel very supported by Tribe.” 

- Living Shangri-la's Council 

The introduction to Tribe's online tools and the team was efficient and warmly received, and a guided tour through Tribe's online portal, led by Sara, made the transition smooth and engaging. 

The Property Manager and support staff have received praise for fostering a collaborative environment, making Council members feel like an integral part of the team. This valued sense of support marks a shift toward a more cohesive experience. 

Tribe Home Help Desk

Tribe Home Community Platform's Help Desk

Tribe Home: Leading the Community Living Revolution 

Building on the initial success of the onboarding process led by our Community Manager Sara, Tribe Home continues to emerge as a central feature in transforming the community experience at Living Shangri-La and hundreds of Communities throughout Canada. This intuitive online portal offers a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline various aspects of property management and community engagement. 

Remarkably, just a few months after introducing Tribe Home to the community, the adoption rate is nearing the 80% mark—a clear indication of the platform's ease of use and the immediate benefits it provides to the residents. This rapid embrace is a strong testament to the effective communication and support provided during the transition, resonating with 183 out of 234 units already registered and actively participating. 

Tribe Home empowers users with seamless access to essential services and information. Residents and owners can effortlessly access community documents, view their account statements, and manage payments online. The platform facilitates easy booking of amenities, submission of requests for renovations or reporting bylaw violations, and offers a practical system for tracking these requests through visible help desk tickets. 

Tribe Home Council Dashboard

Tribe Home Community Platform's Council Dashboard

The platform also enhances the operational efficiency of Council and board members. It acts as a one-stop shop for all essential records, from meeting minutes to bylaws, and provides tools for effective communication with residents. This includes distributing building notices and managing decisions through integrated voting tools. 

For Tribe’s Community Managers, Tribe Home offers invaluable support in handling the plethora of weekly requests and inquiries. The platform’s centralized dashboards and help desk ticketing system enable quick response times and efficient management, ensuring residents receive timely service and support. 

Overall, Tribe Home stands as a cornerstone of the digital transformation that Tribe is leading and reflects its commitment to innovative, tech-backed property management services. It not only simplifies day-to-day operations but also significantly enhances the living experience by fostering a connected and well-informed community. 

Impact and Results  

Communication Enhancement  

The launch of a Council-led newsletter, now featured on Tribe Home, has markedly improved the sharing of information. This improvement aligns with Tribe's commitment to Communication and Education, one of our fundamental pillars. 

Future Financial and Maintenance Prospects  

Although it is early days, the Council is optimistic about the potential financial and maintenance benefits Tribe Management will bring to the community.  

Future Initiatives  

The Strata Council looks forward to using the Tribe Home portal more and has shared ideas to enhance it. Our Product team is already reviewing these suggestions for future updates. 

Since onboarding, the team has completed important annual maintenance tasks, including fire safety deficiency repairs. We've diligently worked with the Council to ensure that any projects which commenced before our management continue to proceed without delay. 

Tribe Management Inc. is working closely with the Living Shangri-la Strata Council to ensure the community's long-term success. This collaboration will involve: 

  • Creating an annual maintenance schedule. 
  • Communicating frequently with Owners and residents as they move in. 
  • Documenting & reporting common area deficiencies.  
  • Supporting Council with the formation of Bylaws and Rules.  
  • Negotiating & reviewing vendor contracts. 
  • Assisting Residents in registration & use of the Tribe Home platform. 
  • Guiding Owners on Strata Living through informative content like our Strata 101 series. 


The partnership between Living Shangri-La and Tribe Management stands out for its innovative, responsive approach and a unique team structure that includes direct access to over 40 managers, Regional Directors, and a Vice President. This transparency and comprehensive support set Tribe apart, demonstrating their commitment to not just managing but actively enhancing community living.  

Our strategy aims to transform Living Shangri-La into a more connected, vibrant community, reflecting Tribe's dedication to client interests and a shared vision for the future.