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Unveiling Tesoro: Discovering the Treasure of Urban Waterfront Living

We are proud to introduce Tesoro as the newest gem in Tribe Management's portfolio, a prestigious community expertly developed by Concert Properties.

Located in the heart of Vancouver's Olympic Village, Tesoro offers an unmatched luxury living experience with stunning West Coast modern architecture and contemporary Italian design, and breathtaking views of the North Shore, Downtown, and False Creek. 

Designed by Rafii Architects and ZGF Architects, Tesoro incorporates a 17-story structure that elegantly stands within its urban environment. Its design includes a thin cast lattice screen that adds character and depth to its façade while nodding to the industrial history of its site.

The community consists of 92 two and three-bedroom residences, some with dens. The design features sweeping curves that mimic the nearby waterfront, which makes the community visually striking and a standout feature in the area.

Tesoro Amenities

Photos courtesy of Concert Properties.


"Tribe has collaborated closely with Concert Properties over the past several months to ensure a seamless transition for owners moving into Tesoro," says Calin Ambrus, one of Tribe's Regional Directors of Strata Management.

"We have put together a team of highly skilled professionals, from Building Operations Managers and 24-hour Concierge service to our meticulous cleaning staff, to ensure that every aspect of Tesoro meets our high standards. Our goal is to handle every detail with precision and care, making sure that Owners feel at home from the moment they arrive."

At Tribe Management, we are committed to providing our signature Community Management with Heart to Tesoro. Our immediate focus includes assisting Residents in registering and making the most of their Tribe Home Community Platform for a connected community experience.

The Allure of False Creek 

Nestled in the heart of Vancouver, False Creek stands as a testament to urban transformation and natural beauty. Historically a hub of industrial activity, this area has undergone a renaissance, evolving into a coveted residential and recreational enclave. Today, False Creek is synonymous with vibrant living, surrounded by scenic views, lush parks, and a waterfront that attracts both locals and tourists alike. 

Tesoro False Creek

The area boasts excellent transit connectivity, including rapid transit options and cycling paths along the seawall, making it easy for Residents to navigate the city. Local amenities such as artisan shops, bustling markets, and culinary hotspots foster a thriving community spirit. 

For those who value green spaces, False Creek does not disappoint. With numerous parks and access to the seawall, Residents can enjoy a range of outdoor activities from kayaking to leisurely strolls, all while taking in the spectacular cityscape. This harmonious blend of urban and natural elements makes False Creek not just a place to live, but a place to truly experience life at its fullest.