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The Tribe Home Progressive Web App for Android is Here! 📱

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Tribe Home Progressive Web App (PWA) for Android devices, a major step forward in enhancing community living and the management of multi-family residential buildings. Our proprietary app is designed to streamline day-to-day operations for Council and Board members and Community Managers and bring unparalleled convenience and connectivity to our Residents. 

With over 40% of Canadians using Android, our app now extends its reach, putting home management directly in the palm of their hands. Previously, residents and councils or boards accessed Tribe Home via a browser or the iOS version. 

The Tribe Home app for Android enhances this experience by providing immediate access to essential information and features on the go. This shift from browser-based access to a robust progressive web app (PWA) mobile application ensures all community members can make quicker, more informed decisions about their homes and community. It streamlines communication and significantly enhances engagement, building trust among Residents, Owners, Councils and Boards. 

Strengthening Resident Access 

Residents can enjoy direct access to important community documents, the ability to pay balances, book amenities, log a request and more—all with just a few taps on their device. This improved experience ensures that more residents in Tribe-managed communities can carry out tasks related to their home in minutes, spending less time searching for information and more time enjoying life’s smallest moments. With Tribe Home, Residents can:  

  • Access Important Documents Easily: Such as bylaws and forms with a simple tap. All documents are securely stored, ensuring they’re safe and always available. 
  • Request Support Anytime: Reach out to our team 24/7 through the Tribe Home Help Desk feature or support with issues or queries and find commonly asked questions and answers. 
  • Access their Balance and Make Payments 24/7: Effortlessly access and view their current balance and make payments using a credit card. This feature is convenient, easy to use, and secure, ensuring smooth transactions, on your own time. 
  • Book Amenities with Ease: With Tribe Home, Residents can quickly and easily access and book all a building’s available amenities, such as elevators, lounges and more…even if it is the middle of the night. 
  • Stay Informed and Organized: Keep track of upcoming events, maintenance schedules, and community meetings, ensuring you never miss important dates. 
  • Engage with Your Community: Connect with neighbours, share updates, and participate in discussions on our community network, The Loop. 
  • And more.


Tribe Home Progressive Web App for Android 

Empowering Councils and Boards 

Tribe Home provides Councils and Boards in Tribe-managed communities with an essential tool to improve collaboration and communication with their Residents and Community Manager. 

From voting on community issues and managing Help Desk tickets to accessing real-time updates about community health, the app empowers leaders to manage their responsibilities effectively from anywhere. 

With Tribe Home, Councils and Boards can: 

  • Easily vote on community issues and manage tasks efficiently, ensuring they're always a step ahead in their community responsibilities.  
  • Access key documents, request help desk support, and oversee their community's health anytime, directly from their Android device.  
  • Allow Residents to effortlessly view their balances and make secure payments online, ensuring transparency and convenience at their fingertips.  
  • Stay updated with important community notifications to ensure they never miss out on crucial information.  
  • And much more. 

Streamlining Community Management for Community Managers 

Our Community Managers are at the heart of each Tribe-managed community, and the Tribe Home App for Android is their new partner in enhancing the management of their daily responsibilities by consolidating all management tasks in one intuitive interface, the app allows them to manage their communities with ease and flexibility directly from their phone.  

With Tribe Home, our Community Managers can:  

  • Effortlessly respond to resident queries, manage Help Desk tickets, and maintain smooth communication across their communities, all from their phone. 
  • Simplify managing multiple communities by efficiently handling routine requests and their to-do list, freeing them to focus on enhancing community living. 
  • Stay connected on the go and stay fully operational whether they’re between meetings, on a site visit, or just stepping out for a coffee. The app ensures that our Community Managers are always equipped to keep things moving forward without missing a beat. 
  • Enhance communication and support more effectively with more Residents using Tribe Home. This increased connectivity helps minimize miscommunication and fosters trust, making Residents feel valued and heard. 

By integrating Tribe Home into our daily management practices, we elevate not just the operational efficiency but also the overall community experience. This tool is more than an app—it’s our ally in providing community management with heart.   


The Power of Progressive Web App Technology 

Adopting PWA technology allows us to offer significant operational benefits, including cost savings and enhanced development efficiencies. These advantages are crucial as they help us scale our services effectively and maintain high standards of service delivery. 

PWAs are inherently faster, more reliable, and more engaging, which means the Tribe Home app is not only easy to use but also robust and capable of handling the demands of modern community management. 

We are committed to continuously improving and adapting our tools to create happier, healthier communities. 

The Tribe Home app is available for download on the Google Play Store, we encourage all our Residents to download the app, and stay connected and in the loop with their community, wherever life takes them.