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Tribe Offers Staff a Collaborative and Innovative Culture

Here at Tribe, we are about people. In an industry full of turnover, communication challenges and mediocre service, it has been part of our M.O. (modus operandi) from day one to take a different approach to property management, or what we have coined community management.

Our focus is on community management with heart, and this starts with our own people.

Collaboration + communication starts here.

We take a collaborative approach to managing properties. With Tribe, you don't have just one point of contact—you have a team of community coordinators, community/strata managers, accountants, and more. For this to work, we support an office environment that is transparent, champions communication across all levels of staff and, of course, allows for a little bit of fun.

“During my interview process, I felt a real sense of sincerity and of being heard. For me, it’s important to be in a work environment where everyone is listened to. We have such a collaborative approach across all of our teams and communication is a key factor. ”

—Vincent de Guzman, Property Accountant

Staff are engaged in weekly team meetings, bi-monthly department updates and quarterly Townhalls from Tribe CEO Joseph Nakhla. They are also encouraged to use The Loop, a feature on our custom-built Tribe Home Community Platform, to keep up-to-date on corporate policies, social engagements, campaigns and news.  We also operate with an open-door management policy, encouraging  communication and transparency.

"We were all recently asked to send Joseph [CEO] an email outlining what we would do if we could be CEO for a day. This could include anything that we felt would make our jobs easier or add value to the company or our clients. It was a blue-sky question, and suggestions ranged from someone wanting to start a social committee to a concern raised over an operational procedure to an interior design concept for the office," laughs Jenn Laidlaw, Marketing Director, who explains that the idea was to encourage staff to communicate openly and to feel comfortable putting their ideas forward.

“People across the organization are having ‘uh-huh’ moments all the time and we want to hear about them.”

—Jenn Laidlaw, Marketing Director

Tribe Values + workplace culture

Our vibe is tech company meets property management. The Tribe workspace includes ping-pong, giant Jenga, and a paw patrol (office canines). There is a race to the kitchen every week for Treat Tuesday. To counter all the sweet treats, we have started 5 pm boardroom yoga and have a Vancouver Sun Run team in training. At Tribe, we work hard and play hard, and we think this is very much expressed in our corporate Values:

  • Tech-fwd

  • It takes a Tribe

  • We've got chops

  • 365 days of gratitude

  • Relentlessly untying the knots

  • We're not just setting the bar; we're taking it with us.

Late last year, Tribe staff participated in several rounds of Values workshops, which led to the creation of the above-mentioned Values and helped build the foundation for our collaborative working environment.

"We believe that the downward pressure on management fees negatively impacts companies' abilities to offer a positive working environment and balance for employees," explains Fiona Therrien, VP of Management Services. "Our people are important to us, and we care about our staff and support their goals, personal career development and work-life balance."

“It’s about showing gratitude not only for their hard work, but for choosing to be a part of our Tribe team.”

— Fiona Therrien, VP Management Services

More about Tribe

If you would like more about who we are and whether we are the right partner for your community, please don't hesitate to contact us if you want to know more. We love to chat.